"There's nothing else out there on the market that can even come close."


Aaron saw a 4-ton increase per acre in sugarbeets by upgrading to automated downforce with DeltaForce.

Video Transcript

My name is Aaron Frank. We farm at Kirk, Colorado. We grow crops like corn, sugar beets, edible beans, and wheat, all center-pivot irrigated.

We've been using Precision Planting now since '01. So quite a while. If you go back originally, clear back in 2001, we had seen an ad in the successful farming magazine and sent off and they sent us back a VHS tape. We watched it and we're amazed at the ability to take any different seed size and place it very accurately.

Our farm had grown, we'd gone from a 12-row to a 24-row planter. And as you grow, you do more varieties and the seed companies had many, many different sizes.

The time it took to convert a 12-row planter to a different seed disc versus a 24—initially, it was a time-saving thing. The more and more years that we used them, we realized that the placement that we were achieving was second-to-none. And eliminating skips and doubles in your field, you instantly saw a yield increase.

The product that we added to this planter that gave us the most value came actually as the biggest surprise was DeltaForce.

We had airbags, always went out and dug, checked for seed slice compaction, and thought we were pretty much on top of this. But just seeing the variability through the field, we go from sandy ridges to heavy bottoms. We have places in the field where we drove in to fix sprinkler tracks and see how quickly that machine can take a reading from that load pin and transfer it to an almost instantaneous increase or decrease in pressure as needed and keep that seed at a perfectly uniform depth.

It was really surprising how much better that made our emergence, how much more even, and for DeltaForce to achieve that perfect contact and not have the unit skip, hop across the ground, and lose ground contact. As I said, it was the biggest surprise, but that was the product that I wouldn't want to be without right now.

After emergence, walking the fields where you could just see across the fields, it was amazing how even things were at emergence. And that carried clear through to the point when you were hanging the ears and if you go out when the combine rolls and you take away a pass and you stand back and look. And if you can draw a line across the bottom of those ear shanks and they're all about the same height, that tells the story right there.

The stand we achieve this year through the better planter definitely equated to yield, I'd say across the farm at least a three to four-ton increase per acre. Just because of having the extra beets out there. I mean, we had five thousand beets more per acre than we'd had in the past and that five thousand beets equated to more tons. I know sugar content depends a lot from year to year, but I would say that a beet that is planted at the right time, at the right depth, and emerges the same as a healthier beet throughout the year. It's a happier beat and it's gonna make the factory and that beet run better and produce more sugar which is what we want in the end.

To anybody that was wondering whether or not they should go out and purchase these products, I would say without a doubt, just go do it. You're going to be happy with your return. You're going to be impressed with your stands. You're going to be amazed at the control you have in your planter row by row. There's nothing else out there on the market that can even come close to the accuracy and the precision that you're putting into your fields. You've already picked out your fertilizer program. You've already picked out the seed. This is the best method of delivery to get this product into the ground for the best chance of germination that it has.

Definitely, don't hesitate, get in touch with your Precision dealers. They are all tremendous to work with and the company is outstanding for standing behind their product.