"The seed depth and emergence was on point just perfect."


Matt planted in poor soil conditions and still achieved even emergence with DeltaForce's automated downforce control.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Matt Chambers from Chambers Farms in Hamlin, Iowa. We currently are running three DB60 planterrs with Precision Planting products on them. We chose Precision products based on our experiences that we've had with the eSet over the past six seasons.

This winter when we started researching other products such as DeltaForce and vDrive. We believe that they would have the same accuracy and dependability. DeltaForce is very important in our terrain to give us the proper down pressure and consistent seed depth in our no-till conditions on our variable soil. As soon as the planters started rolling this spring, collecting the data, we discovered how incorrectly our seed depth and downforce needs had been in the past.

DeltaForce gave us the peace of mind that every seed was planted at the right depth. With the DeltaForce, we've learned how our fields are showing a lot of inconsistencies and compaction. A lot of it is from previous passes, applications made, sprayer applications, combine, grain carts and such. We will be able to make better decisions based on DeltaForce and when we should be in the field and when we should not be.

This year was probably the perfect year to install DeltaForce and vDrive as our conditions were far from perfect all season long. We planted in wet ground, hard ground—every possible scenario you could imagine. The seed depth and emergence was on point just perfect.

We have a large farm with several employees, four to five different guys that are running our three planters at different times. With the Precision Planting products, we have peace of mind that each planter is set correctly. Having all that data in front of you, it's easy to to know if something's right or wrong. It gives me peace of mind to know that every planter is running at top performance at all times.