"John Deere really doesn't ever get close to that."


Philip Marek, a cotton farmer in Southeast Texas, shares his experience with the Precision Planting Cotton Planting System.

Video Transcript

"The most important pass of the entire year is with the planter. It's worth it. You're going to get a return on investment every single year, every single acre that you go across. You're doing a better job.

5 years ago we switched our older planter over that was still on ground drive. And so we put vDrive on it and we liked it so much that we went ahead and converted this entire planter to everything. It has: vDrive, DeltaForce, SpeedTube, FurrowForce, and SmartDepth. This is the first year [2022] running all that together and planted 3,400 acres now and it's been all been working real good. We like it.

We're running almost 100% singulation and planting 36,000 right now with SRI of 18-185. That's pretty good. You know, the John Deere really doesn't ever get close to that. So just the spacing, I mean, we were looking earlier on the ground there, just seeing every single seed, 4-4.4" apart. This planter, whatever you tell it to do, that's what it's going to do.

You know, that's a big difference to me because we plant 36,000 seeds per acre. And that's what I budgeted for and that's what I want to plant. If it plants 40 instead of 36, just an extra $10 an acre. Whatever you set the rate, that's what you're going to plant. There's not at the end of the year, you're not like, oh, I need an extra four bags because I over planted or I have six bags extra because I underplanted it. It plants what you want it to plant."

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