"It was probably one of the best stands that we've ever gotten."


Todd Westerfeld, a cotton farmer in Central Texas, shares his experience and results with FurrowForce manual as a closing system for variable soil types and high-speed planting.

Video Transcript

"In our area, as far as with cotton planting, you have a lot of different soil types and compaction zones that you go through. Being able to consistently close in a manner of different ways—whether it's firm, loose, black dirt, red dirt, or rocky dirt—really helps to have consistency across a lot of different soil types.

FurrowForce creates such a good seedbed above the seed and does a good job of sealing in moisture. You've got the best opportunity to get your crop up. Keeton Seed Firmers really did help a lot, and then once we went to a high-speed planter, we needed a better closing option. That's where FurrowForce came in.

After talking to a few guys across the country, I decided that it was our best bet. Seeing it through cotton last year, it was probably one of the best stands that we've ever gotten. And behind a high-speed planter, it was quite impressive. I definitely think that FurrowForce made a big difference.

We were able to get our crop planted soon enough that when we did get rain shortly thereafter, we still got the emergence that we needed before we had any issues from the water. Whether it's turn-rows out in the middle of the fields and different soil times, it's performed well in all situations."

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