Product Resources

Find operation & parts manuals, installation & troubleshooting guides, software updates & more to get the most out of your season.

How do I get help with a Precision Planting product?

  1. Check out 20|20 & Product Resources

    Find product manuals, troubleshooting step-by-step guides, and installation walkthroughs available to you anytime, anywhere.

  2. Reach out to Your Local Dealer

    Your Premier Precision Planting dealership is your local expert and can help you diagnose common issues and order replacement parts when needed.

  3. Contact Product Support

    Our boots-on-the-ground, in-house product support team is available to assist you over the phone or email.

Still stuck? Give us a call!

Email [email protected] or call (309) 925-5050 weekdays, 8 am–5 pm CDT, or after hours for emergencies.