Make the Precision Decision

precision decision savings program 2020

May 28, 2020

Build your ideal planter when you Make the Precision Decision

The Precision Decision discount program ended on September 29, 2020.

However, the products to build your ideal planter are still available for purchase through your Premier Dealer

Build your ideal planter

Growers like you know that the best way to get planting done right is by using Precision Planting technology. You get one chance each season to plant your crop, so make sure your planter set up is ready to perform. 

Products like vDrive, DeltaForce, SpeedTube, and the 20|20 monitor can improve your performance. Learn more about each product below and then connect with your Premier Dealer to start building your ideal planter. 

Gen 3 20|20

Using data to help drive decisions on your farm is nothing new to you, but you need the right data for the job. The Gen 3 20|20 gives you the real-time data you need to make better decisions for your next pass, your next season, and throughout the future of your operation. 

  • 20|20 powers most Precision Planting systems from population, downforce, liquid, multi-hybrid, high-speed planting, and more
  • 20|20 senses and monitors the furrow, seeding, spacing, liquid application, and much more
  • 20|20 collects the most spatially accurate yield data available for you to use 
  • 20|20 can be used on planters of all types, seeders, and combines


Fixing issues that pop up on mechanical drive systems can cause costly downtime while planting. Downtime means frustration, loss of ideal planting hours, and missed family activities.

  • vDrive replaces the mechanical drive system, saving you from a bearing going out or having a chain issue
  • vDrive allows you to save on seed with row shut off at a boundary or where you have already planted
  • vDrive works with the vSet meter to provide you a picket fence stand, no matter the crop
  • vDrive pairs with 20|20 to simplify how seed and insecticide meters operate


Determining what downforce setting to use is challenging, especially when you have known and unknown variability in the field.  You know one setting for the whole field isn’t right, so why not install a system that can take the guesswork out of it for you? 

  • DeltaForce replaces the springs or airbags with hydraulic cylinders and load cells to measure weight on the row-unit gauge wheels
  • DeltaForce measures, then adds or removes weight on the row-unit automatically, so gauge wheels always have consistent weight on them.
  • DeltaForce adjusts your planter’s downforce to changing field environments on each row
  • DeltaForce's job is to get every seed in the ideal environment


Every farmer knows time and weather plays a vital role in your season. A planter equipped with SpeedTube allows you to double planting speed without sacrificing seed placement, so you can cover more acres per hour when it is go time.

  • SpeedTube uses two feeder wheels to pull seeds off of the vSet disk, into a flighted belt, and into the seed trench
  • SpeedTube controls the seeds so there is no bouncing in the tube and no tumbling in the furrow because the seed release is matched to ground speed
  • SpeedTube allows more acres to be covered during the ideal planting window without the need for larger planters or more manpower