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  • Software Updates

    To update your 20/20 display software, click the appropriate link below for either Gen 1 or Gen 2 display models. Gen 1 models have two USB ports on the side. Gen 2 models have 1 USB port on the side and 3 on the back. Save the file to your USB drive making sure that you do not save it in a folder and that the file name is not altered. Insert the USB into the 20/20 and press SETUP, DATA, and SOFTWARE UPDATE.

    2017.4 Software - August 15, 2017

    + Download for Gen1 Displays+ Download for Gen2 Displays

    Boot Software

    Boot software is used to recover a display that is frozen or locked up. To use this software, click the link below for either Gen 1 or Gen 2 display software. Save the file to a USB drive and then insert it into a fully powered down 20/20 display. Then turn the power on. The software will load as the display boots up.

    + Download for Gen1 Displays+ Download for Gen2 Displays

  • Mapping Software

    Field Map data from your 20/20 display can be viewed in a variety of desktop mapping software applications. At present, SST Summit, AgLeader SMS, Farm Works, and MapShots software programs are able to read and display maps from 20/20 data. Two free viewing programs are available below.

    MapShots Field Operation Viewer

    + FODD Windows Driver for 20/20, October 12, 2017 + MapShots Field Operations Viewer

    20/20 PC Demo & Setup Tool

    The 20/20 PC Demo & Setup Tool allows you to run 20/20 display software on your computer. Use it to explore the features and functions of the system and learn how to navigate the screens before you get to the field. You may also create your clients, farms, and fields in the PC demo and export them to a USB drive for transfer to the 20/20.

    + PC Demo Tool - Version 2017.1 + PC Demo Tool Instructions

  • Farm Works View

    For assistance with Farm Works View, please contact Farm Works support at 800-282-4103 or

    + Farm Works View



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Tune Up. Add Up. The math is simple.
Every additional percentage of meter accuracy adds a bushel or two more per acre.

While they should run at 98% or better, many meters only deliver 92%-97% accuracy. That’s why – no matter who made them, no matter their type – every meter should be calibrated every year.   Drawing on the unmatched precision of 20/20 SeedSense®, MeterMax® Ultra calibrates your meters to your seeds, speed, spacing and population. So take your seeds and meters to your Precision Planting dealer, then watch for the added ears, yield and profit.

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