The vSet meter:
• the best singulation available
• outstanding reliability
• easy to maintain
• easy to use

vSet features a flat disk with a single vac setting. It releases seeds down the center of the tube – critical to optimum spacing. And has a floating, 5-lobed singulator that makes sure no two seeds of any kind can occupy the same hole. One seed locks in and one seed drops. Every time.   This champion singulator is a model of simplicity in operation. It handles any seed size or shape without finicky tweaks to vac pressure, disk or singulator settings.   Just pour in the seed and go. Then get ready for your best possible yield.

Accurate & intelligent data allows you better control and planning.   Integrated systems & data simplify your operation.

Field Experience Informs Engineering

Working with equipment in the field lets you understand the stresses and issues products face.   Our engineers and product developers grew up in the field and it shows in our product design. And our manufacturing standards ensure reliability — as well as top performance.

Scott Thompson, Avon, NY

“vSet is one of the best buys we’ve had because it really cleaned up our singulation and our planter and we just have the most tremendous stands we have ever had – we’ve been using it for two years with the variable rate. That paid for itself within the first year.”


“They plant awesome. I went from PP fingers to the vset and they are simply a pour and plant meter.   You could mix corn, soybeans, popcorn and peas together and plant 99.8% with this meter. Ive already planted from 35 lb flats, 50 lb flats, 43 lb rounds and 52 lb rounds with no problems.   I have seen a few rows go as low as 99.5% while planting in rocky areas of the field with 18 in of vac. I turned it up to 20 in of vac and saw better singulation through the rough areas. It may have been because I slowed down more too.   My SRI has been 13-18 but I just went to wave vision sensors as well. They read off the bottom of the tube so they are more sensitive.   I am very happy with the meters.”

From AG Talk Forum “Machinery Talk”, posted by cwjones


vSet has features and performance no one else offers.

get set for better singulation

Get higher accuracy and higher yield to make constant meter tweaks a thing of the past.

Improved singulation and better flexibility are in your grasp.

vSet brings a relentless singulator that has five floating steel lobes to ensure one seed per hole, with all kinds of seeds. And with a flat disk, you get consistent seed release, every time.

vSet & Corn

plant better, in every foot of your field

Top notch performance demands precise engineering.

vSet provides superior singulation to take your operation to the next level.

See the flat disk? It functions better than a cell disk in the way seeds are released — they fall in a more consistent manner down the seed tube. The disk also features agitation pockets that churn constantly, helping the disk load completely. So consistent is vSet’s middle name.


Designed For Both Finger
& Vac Meter Planters

Flat Disks

Designed with special pockets that load the disk completely, and no cells to stop up the disk. Consistent seed release, every time.

Perfect Singulation

Working with high vac pressure and a flat disk surface, the spring-loaded singulator attacks doubles from both top and bottom, making it nearly impossible for two seeds to occupy the same hole. A single seed locks in and drops.   The five lobe, spring-loaded singulator needs no adjustment for seed size and maintains consistent contact with the disk.

Aggressive Seed Agitation & Precise Extraction

With ordinary vac disks, seeds can settle at the bottom of the meter, wedge together and resist loading into the cells. The pockets on vSet churn constantly to keep seeds loose and ready to flow to the vacuum holes. You get fewer skips and better singulation.   The seed extractor has a rolling wheel that keeps fragments from plugging holes in the disk.

Perfect Release

Each seed is delivered to and released down the center of the seed tube for a perfect drop with no ricochet.


vSet In Stereo

With vSet Select, you get all the performance of vSet, doubled. Multi-hybrid planting has a high ROI and is suddenly easy to do. See the future of meters in vSet Select.

Learn About vSet Select