Firmer is better...
After all these years.

The Keeton Seed Firmer was our original product. The technologies we’ve developed since have taken precision planting (planting with precision) to then-unimaginable levels. But this simple, ingenious device still makes a major contribution to yield.

Seeds don’t always land right in the bottom of the trench where they belong. But, with its unique, in-the-trench design, the Keeton Seed Firmer is the only thing that gently firms those seeds to the bottom of the V. So the depth is even. The seed-to-soil contact is correct. The germination is uniform. The yield is optimum.

There’s a Firmer for virtually every planter or drill, with single or dual applicator tubes. Put one on each of your row units and watch your seeds do their very best.

How easily do the Firmers mount?

Each Keeton Firmer can easily be mounted in 10 to 15 minutes. We include easy, stepbystep instructions and you need no special tools.

Will the Firmers move the seed?

Absolutely not. They are specifically designed to keep each seed in its place. All they do is ensure that the seed is firmed into the bottom of the “V”

How much pressure does the Firmer put on the seed?

The Keeton Seed Firmer is designed to exert a light amount of pressure – about 12 – 20 ounces. It is designed with the correct amount of pressure to gently firm the seed into the bottom of the trench. With bracket mounted firmers, a tension screw allows you to increase or decrease the amount of pressure the tail applies.

How durable is the Firmer, and do I need to order any spares?

The Firmers are made out of the most durable poly available today. Breakage is almost nonexistent. The only thing you need to be careful of: Don't backup your planter with the units in the ground. If you do, you can damage the seed tubes and the Keeton Seed Firmer.

Can I decrease my closing wheel pressure?

Yes. With the seed gently firmed into the bottom of the V, you can decrease your closing wheel pressure for the correct amount to control crusting. It is still important to check that your closing wheels are still properly aligned. To see how to check closing wheel alignment, watch our Ten Planter Tuneup Tips video.

How does the Firmer raise yields in corn production?

By achieving a more accurate depth and even emergence. Better seed to soil contact is one reason why tests show that Keeton Seed Firmers can increase your plant and ear counts by 1,500 to 2,000 per acre. When seeds start out at the same depth, they are more likely to emerge at the same time. Tests show that uniform emergence can boost yield by 5%. Farm Journal Magazine did a study that showed a 6 bushel per acre increase from using firmers. So, it is a combination of emergence and improved ear counts that makes the difference.

How long will they last?

It depends on how abrasive your soil is. Generally, you should expect up to 300 acres per row for most firmer models before you see enough wear to decrease effectiveness. Low profile tails have a shorter life expectancy than standard or dual tube style tails.

Do I need to change the depth of my row units after installing Firmers?

It is important to check seed depth behind the closing wheels. The seed may appear deeper than you are used to seeing, because the seed is now accurately and consistently placed in the very bottom of the V. Some growers have adjusted their planters by 1/2 to one notch shallower, but this should only be done after verifying your planting depth.

Will Firmers work on shallow planted crops?

Definitely. Firmers greatly improve accuracy in shallow planting and help maximize seed-to-soil contact.


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