Climate FieldView Plus everywhere.

It makes your data more valuable, more manageable. It makes your data work harder.   Get alerts in real time. Look at metrics and reports by field, planter and hybrid. Compare tile, fertility, yield and other maps.   Climate FieldView™ Plus automatically syncs field pins (including notes and photos), client/farm/field lists and field map data so, wherever anybody is, they get the same information.   Climate FieldView™ Plus makes file transfer and sharing (prescriptions and boundaries) easy. You can easily download 20/20 files to your desktop or share them with consultants, partners, landowners, insurers and others. It makes USB file transfers obsolete.   Back up all your 20/20 and Climate FieldView™ Plus data automatically, permanently, privately, securely.


Manage Your Farm

The knowledge gained from your data is key to good planning.
Climate FieldView™ Plus is incredibly smart, yet simplifies using your data. It’s focused on the knowledge you need to make your best plan.

Customizable Notifications & Alerts

No matter where you are, you can be in the know.   Every hour? Every day? Every time you change fields? It’s up to you — whenever you want a summarized report of planter performance.   Text alerts let you know when something goes wrong, but you define what wrong is. Singulation below 98%? Speed over 8 MPH? Even when you aren’t in the cab, you’ll know when a threshold is crossed.

Manage Your Farm, Remotely

Anywhere you are, you’re one tap away from the buddy seat.   Instead of making calls all day, you’ll be able to see how harvest is progressing across your operation. Plus, you can diagnose issues on your iPad — never leaving the truck/office/coffee shop/wherever you are.

Sync with Others in Your Operation

All your maps. All your reports. All your data, on all of your devices, across your operation — so you can easily share swath coverage and more between multiple planters.   Software updates are painless now that you have the Cloud, plus, all of your files are backed up and protected.


Remote View

Now, farmers no longer need to be in the cab to have instant access to Yield Maps.

RemoteView uses the data connection of the iPads running Climate FieldView™ Plus to remotely connect any iPad to a YieldSense display. Farm Managers can instantly keep tabs on each remote combine to monitor progress, watch real time yield maps, and diagnose problems.

Precision Planting dealers and the Precision Planting product support team can also establish a remote connection to provide faster support — with permission granted by the operator.

Plus, frequent app updates keep you current with new features and capabilities — Climate FieldView™ Plus is always fresh.


Climate FieldView Plus capabilities, and results in the field.

relevant data, connected

20/20 SeedSense & Climate FieldView™ Plus combine for real time, go-anywhere maps and data PLUS the Cloud.

Better decisions for your operation, anytime, anywhere.

20/20 SeedSense has everything you’d want to know about your planter’s performance on screen, and it’s easy to navigate with intuitive touch points.

Climate FieldView™ Plus takes information from your 20/20 SeedSense and conveys it through instant, high-definition maps. This unprecedented view allows you to manage your planter with a complete vision of what your planter is doing. And all of your data can go anywhere on your iPad® tablet. Scouting, to the office, to show to others in your operation — anytime, anywhere.

With Climate FieldView™ Plus, there’s an added layer of connectivity. Your data is backed up securely and remotely and can be shared with anyone you want to be in the know.


Climate FieldView Plus Support Resources

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