FieldView captures and stores all your data and accurate, high-resolution maps.

What do those maps tell you? Everything you want to know about every pass, every row, every foot. They tell you what you can do to improve your performance.   Was the spacing as good as it can get? Did singulation swing on your triple stack? How did your hybrids compare? How did that clay knob affect down force?   Add your own field notes, photos, anything. You’ll have the ideal scouting tool. You’ll learn more, you’ll understand more. You’ll build on that. You’ll realize your best possible yields.

What is the required iPad® tablet configuration, including data plan options?

FieldView works best with an iPad Air with Wi-Fi + Cellular data, however, any iPad except the iPad 1 will be compatible. (iPads without Cellular data will operate FieldView as well, however without internet functionality), which are available from Precision Planting or other Apple resellers.

64GB iPad Airs are recommended for users that will store over 3,000 acres per year of both planting and harvest data. Precision Planting does not sell the 64GB systems, but they are readily available from Apple® resellers.

You will need to choose an Cellular data service specifically for the best data carrier coverage in your area.

Your 20/20 SeedSense will need to be updated to 2015.0 Software via a USB.

Can I view field data on an iPhone®?

No, the FieldView app is specific to iPad devices.

How do I register my FieldView display and install the FieldView app from the Apple App Store?

The FieldView app will be downloaded from the Apple App Store and installed on the iPad tablet. The first time the user opens FieldView, they will be prompted to register it and create a FieldView Login. If the user already has a FieldView Login, that account can be used to register FieldView as well.

How do I view my prior year “as planted” maps?

Once FieldView has been registered it can be connected to the 20/20 SeedSense using the FVM.
(Only 20/20 field data generated from 20/20 SeedSense software version 4.0 or newer will be imported into FieldView.)

What happens if I delete the FieldView icon from the home screen of the iPad tablet?

All high definition map data is included in the FieldView app. If the FieldView app is deleted from the home screen, the data will be deleted as well. Maps can be re-created if the 20/20 field data from the 20/20 SeedSense display was saved. A user will be able to import data from a USB stick to the 20/20, and then use the 20/20 Data Sync feature in FieldView to transfer map data.

What happens if I break my screen? Other general support concerns?

While the iPad is a consumer device, we have done a lot of testing for vibration, shock loads and heat and believe that the tablet meets or exceeds the durability of most current planter monitors. We also include a very rugged case with the FieldView base kit that provides additional protection.
The iPad is an Apple product that is supported solely by Apple, Inc. If your iPad tablet is damaged or not functioning properly, Apple Support is available to support your needs (1-800- 692-7753).
Apple sells an Apple Care Protection plan that is available through their website or retail stores.

Specifically, what is the list of maps that can be displayed in FieldView?

There are currently 16 maps available:
Down Force
Target Population
Applied Down Force
Good Ride
Seeding Rx
Combine Speed

Do the maps show direction triangles on all of the maps?

Yes. If you do not see the triangles, change the zoom level. Direction triangles indicate what direction the planter was moving while planting the pass.

How does it work with Harvest?

FieldView will be the primary mapping display for the harvest monitor. With real time yield by hybrid reports, wireless data sharing between combines, and a Grain Property Kit to keep the system accurate, YieldSense gives you the tools you need for better decisions at harvest and beyond.

Can the maps in FieldView be printed?

No, but there is a “Take Screenshot” function in FieldView that allows you to email the current screenshot to someone, or save it to your Camera Roll as a picture.

What are the scouting capabilities in FieldView? What are other GPS options available for iPad?

An iPad with 3G has a GPS receiver with about 15ft accuracy. As a scouting tool, a grower will be able to record pictures, notes and video with GPS locations recorded for those events.

There are third party GPS systems that can improve the accuracy of the GPS location in the iPad. If the grower does not have an iPad with 3G, they will not be able to get location information while not connected to the 20/20.

Can I import other map files from my sprayer or competitive harvest monitor?

Currently there is no support to import maps from any other monitors except for your 20/20 SeedSense “as planted” maps.

Can a 3rd party like a consultant or agronomist buy the FieldView app, so that they can view customers’ high definition maps?

The app is free and can be installed on any iPad, however the only way to transfer data to an iPad is through an FVM connected to a 20/20 display.

What other features have been released in the latest update?

The AutoMap Rx Sync is included in the release, which allows a grower to automatically “Download” his AutoMap prescriptions from his AutoMap account with a 3G or Wi-Fi connection to his iPad Tablet. They can then “Transfer” those prescriptions to his 20/20 SeedSense where they can be assigned to the appropriate fields.
The Email Support feature now includes a transfer of 20/20 and FieldView log files so that the Precision Planting product support personnel can better diagnose issues you may experiencing with your SeedSense or FieldView displays. By selecting Help>Email Support you will see an email prompt displayed that will contain 2 zip files if the FieldView Display is connected to the 20/20 SeedSense, or only 1 zip file if you are not connected to the 20/20 SeedSense.

What happens to my mapping data if I move one FieldView display to multiple 20/20 SeedSenses throughout the spring?

FieldView records data based on the Serial Number of the 20/20, so it will be able to connect to more than one 20/20 SeedSense.
It will be important for fields planted with multiple 20/20 systems to have the same “Client | Farm | Field” naming convention to be displayed in FieldView as a single map.

Can I put one iPad on multiple 20/20 systems during planting without effecting the data stored on those 20/20 systems? I want to demo it as much as possible, but don't want to hurt any data collection?

Yes, the data is safe within the 20/20 display.

After the planting season is done, will I be able to download my data that didn't run FieldView from a 20/20 SeedSense and see it in the app on my iPad tablet?

A user will be able to import data from a USB stick to the 20/20 and then use the 20/20 Data Sync feature in FieldView to transfer map data.

How does a grower that has 2 20/20 systems see all the data on 1 iPad tablet?

Connect the 2nd 20/20 to the iPad and when prompted for “20/20 File Sync”, select the current season. At the end of “File Sync”, go to the “Data Manager” and “Build Maps” for any fields that were planted with the 2nd 20/20. A single map will be built for fields that were planted with two planters if the “Client | Farm | Field” matches exactly.


Your Field in High Definition

FieldView is the HD mapping, take-anywhere,
accessible and actionable tool for your fields.

HD Maps

FieldView shows you exactly what you’re planting, how you’re planting, as you’re planting it, in high definition.   Pick out patterns that would be impossible to identify with data alone.   Suddenly, detailed data is now accessible and actionable with maps and simple reports.

Compare & Contrast, Visually

See patterns in your field that you couldn’t see with raw data alone.   Speed & Down Force. Hybrid A & Hybrid B. Population & Yield. Is there a correlation? Take a look — you’ll be amazed at the insights you gain.

See What Matters

FieldView’s reports bring relevancy to all the summaries you see.   Prioritize items you want to look through, in simple reports that bring clarity to planter data. Diagnose planter issues while in the field — and fix them.

Customizable Notifications & Alerts

No matter where you are, you can be in the know.   Every hour? Every day? Every time you change fields? It’s up to you — whenever you want a summarized report of planter performance.   Text alerts let you know when something goes wrong, but you define what wrong is. Singulation below 98%? Speed over 8 MPH? Even when you aren’t in the cab, you’ll know when a threshold is crossed.


FieldView capabilities, and results in the field.

relevant data for better decisions

SeedSense & FieldView combine for real-time, go-anywhere maps and data.

Better decisions for your operation, anytime, anywhere.

SeedSense has everything you’d want to know about your planter’s performance on screen, and it’s easy to navigate with intuitive touch points.

FieldView takes information from your SeedSense and conveys it through instant, high-definition maps. This unprecedented view allows you to manage your planter with a complete vision of what your planter is doing.

Plus, all of your data can go anywhere on your iPad® tablet. Scouting, to the office, to show to others in your operation — anytime, anywhere.


FieldView Can Connect

Now everyone you want to be in-the-know can know. Share with others in your operation, easily, from anywhere. Now connecting is a piece of cake.

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