Clean rows, effortlessly.

Uniform germination and higher plant counts depend on clean rows. Clean rows are the work of row cleaners. But, until now, row cleaners have been hard work themselves, because they need to be set precisely and changed frequently.

But now, CleanSweep® does all that hard work for you. It puts row cleaners right where they need to be – where they move the residue but not the soil – and continuously adjusts them as field conditions change. All you need to do is move the cab-mounted controller. You can even raise the row cleaners up and out of the way when you’re not using them.

The CleanSweep controller is connected to dual air cylinders on each row. The air pressure comes from a robust compressor or tank, or you can use 20/20 AirForce® as an air source.

Adjust your row cleaners from the cab with the CleanSweep controller.

The air pressure comes from a robust compressor or tank, or you can use AirForce® as an air source.

Easy Down & Lift From The Cab

You don’t have to get out of the cab to adjust to changing field conditions — promote better emergence without even getting out of your seat.

Todd Yackley, Onida, SD

“I would not want to go into the field without the CleanSweep. I think that CleanSweep is one of the most valuable tools that Precision makes... it does it all from the cab, and it works extremely well.”

Stunted Emergence Lowers Yield

Residue in the seed trench competes with the seedling for moisture and harbors disease and fungi that can set back seedlings like this one.

A plant like this is already one stage behind and will likely grow at a rate that is two stages behind its neighboring plants.

Residue Management

Residue Management has become a necessary part of today’s operation to maximize profitability. Tougher stalks and more corn on corn acres mean that we all have a heavy load of residue that must be controlled.

Residue affects many aspects of your operation.

  • Soil moisture and temperature

    The amount of residue can affect the moisture and how quickly your soil temperature warms up in the spring. The capture and maintaining of moisture can be a positive, but also create challenges when preparing to plant.
  • Disease and Fungi presence

    Plant debris can harbor fungi and diseases that can harm young seedlings. This is why row cleaners must remove residue from the seed row.

Have heavy residue? Add more pressure to sweep away the debris.

Have light residue or soft ground? Lighten the pressure and keep the row cleaner floating across the top.

Row cleaners running at the proper setting with the ability to flex help create the perfect seedbed environment.


CleanSweep carries all that trash away.

now row cleaning is simple

Clear trash and debris from the cab with a dual-action pneumatic cylinder.

Create the perfect seedbed without getting out of your tractor.

CleanSweep brings a dual-action pneumatic cylinder to each row, that adjusts to changing field conditions. CleanSweep is robust to handle the debris in your field. See more uniform germination and higher plant counts, all while simplifying row cleaning.


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