Time Lapse Truth

These time lapse photos show how seeds slow down when they make contact with the seed tube.

In the left tube, the seed has hit the sensor and the strobe light exposes its winding path down the tube. That seed spends .11 seconds in the seed tube which translates to 11 inches from the previous seed.

In the right tube, the seed has a direct path to the seed trench and only spends .07 seconds in the seed tube, and is the correct distance from the previous seed - seven inches.


Fix two big planter problems
easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

The BullsEye Seed Tube gives seeds the most direct path to the seed trench. The smooth interior and recessed sensor eye eliminates any interference that can slow the seed’s descent.

In other seed tubes, the sensor can interfere sending the seed into gyrations that slow it causing gaps and misplaced seeds. The BullsEye Seed Tube moves the sensor eye behind a ledge that makes it impossible for the seed to nick the sensor. It is a straight shot to the trench.

BullsEye® delivers better spacing and longer life. Their sensor offsets won’t snag seeds like other tubes can. And with their tungsten carbide tips, they last far longer than other tubes so your replacement costs will plummet. BullsEye works with 1/2” or 3/4” sensor eyes.

Special Alert for Finger Meter Owners

Kinze and John Deere 7000 seed tubes are especially prone to sensor eye interference.

If you own one of these planters, take a hard look at the improvements you can make by switching to BullsEye Seed Tubes.


Step 1:

Remove the old seed tube from the row unit. Cut the zip ties that are holding the sensor to the tube.

Step 2:

Position the sensor onto the BullsEye Seed Tube in the same position and direction that it was on the old tube. Use the zip ties provided with the new seed tube to secure the sensor to the seed tube.

Step 3:

Make sure that the area around the pin that the seed tube hooks over is clean of dirt and debris. Install the BullsEye Seed Tube back into the row unit making sure that the hook is hooked over the pin. Secure the tube with the same pin and clip that held the old tube in place.

A fast and easy upgrade that has a dramatic yield impact.

Avoid Premature Wear

We’ve inserted tungsten carbide wear tips that prevent the double-disk opener from wearing through the tip of the seed tube. It’s a simple solution to an annoying and expensive problem.

Eliminate Ricochet & Sensor Interference

Too often, seeds hit the sensor on their way down the seed tube. When this happens, seeds ricochet down the tube causing the familiar skip/double pattern in the field. The BullsEye Seed Tube reduces these errors with a simple offset that moves the sensor out of the way of the seed path.


BullsEye Has A Big Brother

Upgrade to high-frequency seed sensors.   BullsEye solves seed travel and delivery, plus it eliminates common wear issues.

With WaveVision you can also dramatically increase data accuracy.

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