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June 2014

New Team in Argentina as Precision Planting Expands Internationally

We're committed to enabling farmers access to Precision Planting equipment in Argentina and around the world. Our new team in Argentina will help fulfill this goal, allowing growers to further their operations and get the most from their fields.

Fernando Bauso will be taking the role of Latin America South (LAS) Precision Planting Commercial Lead. He will lead strategy and implementation of Precision Planting in LAS. He has an Agronomics degree and joined Monsanto LAS in 2000 in the Corn and Soybean Breeding Program. He's also filled the shoes of Technology Development (TD) Representative, TD Manager, Corn Product Management and Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) Manager.

Gonzalo Lorenzo will be the LAS Precision Planting Operations Manager, responsible for defining and implementing marketing strategies as well as finance and logistics support. He has a Business degree and MBA. He joined Monsanto LAS in 1998 in Finance before moving to the Commercial team as Marketing Supervisor for Roundup.

Nikalai Gomez Baranoff is going to fill the role as LAS Precision Planting Commercial Representative and will be responsible for sales in the south zone. Nikalai has an Agronomics degree and has been with Monsanto since 2007, serving as Marketing for Roundup, Sales Representative for Dekalb and Equipment Coordinator for IFS.


Precision Planting Expands Internationally with New Team in Brazil

At Precision Planting, we work to help farmers protect and improve their operations, all around the world. We’re committed to making a positive impact on global agriculture, and are proud to announce the strengthening of Precision Planting in Brazil with a new team.

José Galli will serve as Precision Planting Business Development Manager. He began working for Monsanto in 2005 and has served as a Sales Representative, Sales Manager and Integrated Farming Systems Business Development Manager. He has degrees in Agronomic Engineering and Rural Administration.

André Peres will be the Mechanical Engineer for Precision Planting Brazil. André recently joined Precision Planting to help adapt our products for the Brazilian environment. He has a degree in Production Engineering and technical specialization in Processes, Mechatronic and Electric Technology. He worked as a Product Engineer at CNH and the INA Schaeffler Group before coming on with Precision Planting.


New Privacy Policy

As a result of farmer feedback, we have made changes to our privacy policy to align with the guiding principles that were announced in January. We also wanted to ensure the same policy applied across all product platforms. Ultimately, we wanted to ensure it was farmer friendly. Please familiarize yourself with our new policy here.

A few key points to remember:

  • The data created by a farmer, or generated from equipment the farmer owns or leases, is owned by that farmer and should be easily managed.
  • Basic data services should be free.
  • Farmer's data should be easily shared across systems.
  • Precision Planting will regularly utilize third party audits to ensure we are adhering to our Guiding Principles on Data and Privacy.
Our guiding principles can be found here.


February 2014

Studies Show Bushel Boosts with AirForce and DeltaForce

With AirForce, we know automatic control is put in your control. But did you know that you achieve an average 8.2 bushel per acre increase when you use AirForce? Beck's PFR Research Study from 2013 looked into five years of managed down force, and the results were there - with AirForce, you can ensure proper planting depth across all soil types in your field.

Furthermore, DeltaForce can automatically control depth on each individual row. In Beck's PFR Research Study 2013, DeltaForce was shown to have an average 11.5 bu/a advantage over fixed management alone. Constant control on each individual row further avoids root compaction and in return, higher yields.

Learn more about AirForce
Learn more about DeltaForce


January 2014

Winter Conference 2014 Boasts High Attendance, New Technology & Product Offerings

As Winter Conference 2014 wrapped up January 23, the theme "Farming with Speed" drew large crowds, including attendees from 30 states and four countries, with Canadian, French and South African growers present.

A new product in development, SpeedTube™, was introduced, promising growers to plant corn and soybeans much faster than is currently possible with traditional seed
tubes. Jason Stoller, Precision Planting Engineering Product Manager for the new SpeedTube, said that SpeedTube will fundamentally solve the seed spacing problem…
at double the speed.

It was also announced that Precision Planting is developing a retrofitable multi-hybrid metering system that uses the innovated vSet® meter technology and the new vDrive™ electric meter control system. After successful concept testing, the new technology will be tested over more acres and more environmental conditions throughout 2014. No schedule for commercial release has been determined.

Precision Planting and the Climate Corporation have formed a new team that has the technology, information and resources to drive yield. John Larkin, Manager at Precision Planting, said that this team is building the world's premier decision agriculture platform. He said the vision is the same, but as a team they can bring that vision to reality, even more quickly than in the past. This joint venture is known as Precision Acre - a new way to get the most out of every acre. You can learn more about Precision Acre here.

2014 Winter Conference Highlights press release


New SpeedTube™ increases planting speed, decreases equipment costs.

A new seed delivery system now in development by Precision Planting promises to allow growers to plant corn and soybeans much faster than is possible with seed tubes.

Jason Stoller, Precision Planting Engineering Product Manager for the new SpeedTube™, says, "Available time for optimum spring planting is both limited and critical, and larger planters are not the answer to growing farm sizes. But planting speed is limited by the constraints of the seed tube, because high speeds lead to poor spacing."

Stoller explains that SpeedTube solves these problems by controlling the seed all the way from the meter to the furrow. Feeder wheels at the top grab the seed from the disk and pull it into a flighted belt that deposits it in bottom of the trench. The SpeedTube belt spins at a rate that increases and decreases with planter speed and seeding rates, ensuring that the seed placement is optimal.

The SpeedTube concept development continues at a brisk pace, says Stoller, and more details will follow after the spring planting season.

SpeedTube press release


Technology Preview – Precision Planting releases Multi-hybrid metering system

Initial research has shown solid yield improvement when the right hybrid is placed in the right yield environment. In any field, there are multiple yield environments that are
determined by soil type, slope, drainage plus dozens of other attributes. In order to place the right hybrid in the right area of the field, each row of the planter will need to be
able to frequently switch between hybrids as it moves from zone to zone.

Precision Planting is developing a retrofitable multi-hybrid metering system that uses the innovated vSet® meter technology and the new vDrive™ electric meter control
system. Meters are positioned to fit within the existing row unit frame and deliver seed to a single, standard seed tube. The electric drive system allows for instantaneous
switching from one hybrid to the other – including the ability to plant each hybrid (and even each row) at different populations. The system utilizes the standard dual bulk
seed supply tanks available on most planters.

After successful concept testing, the new technology will be tested over more acres and more environmental conditions in the throughout 2014. No schedule for commercial
release has been determined.

Multi-Hybrid Metering press release


December 2013

New, Fast Planting Technology to be Featured at 2014 Precision Planting Winter Conference

The 2014 Winter Conference will feature full-day sessions at which growers can learn about the latest developments and technologies that lead to the best possible yields. Each day will consist of sessions that focus on depth and spacing management, new technology, and above all, planting with speed. All sessions are geared toward giving growers information they can use in their own operations to improve decision-making and boost yields.

Dates for the conference – held at Five Points in Washington, Illinois – are January 21-23, 2014. Admission is free, but spaces are limited and advance registration is required. Those interested may learn more and register for a specific date at or by calling 800-660-9573. Interested growers can track the Precision Planting Facebook page and Twitter feed (@precision_plant) for all the latest developments before, during and after the event.

2014 Winter Conference press release


July 2013

New technology improves yield measurement accuracy, resulting in improved decision-making

Yield monitors are meant to give you information you can use to make sound decisions on hybrids and field management zones, but they often lack the accuracy needed to make the best decisions.

That's according to Doug Sauder, Project Manager for Precision Planting. "Our new YieldSense™ system changes that," he says. "It changes the way grain flow is measured, with a sensor and paddle that eliminate the variations of current yield monitor technology. Current systems tend to over-report yield at low flow rates and under-report at high flow rates. So, on average, they can be close. But that isn't good enough when you are making decisions on variable rate crop plans or hybrid selection."

In addition, Sauder says, YieldSense needs no calibration to maintain its accuracy. Sauder notes. "Load after load, pass after pass, you get yield data you can trust. Our testing has shown that even the most diligent calibration program doesn't improve accuracy over multiple loads. We have developed a system that locks in accuracy without calibration."

Testing by Precision Planting reveals that, while reported field totals from current systems may be within a few percent of elevator measurement, they're off by 4% or more on about half of individual loads. "That's not good enough to make critical decisions about hybrids and yield management zones," says Sauder. "YieldSense achieves that accuracy, or better, 9 times out of 10, without calibration."

YieldSense works with the 20/20 SeedSense® monitor. It includes a new flow sensor, elevator chain and paddle. Adding the FieldView™ app to an iPad delivers high-definition mapping.

YieldSense works with corn, soybeans and wheat. It is compatible with John Deere 50/60/70/S Series combines, and requires a CAN-based moisture sensor for operation.

Yield Sense press release


New Planting and Harvest Technology to be Featured at 2013 Precision Planting Summer Conference

The 2013 Summer Corn Conference will feature full-day sessions at which high-yield growers and agronomists can learn about the latest developments and technologies that lead to the best possible yields. Each day will consist of sessions that focus on field scouting, row cleaners and closing systems, down force and population management, and in-cab technologies.

Dates for the conference – held at the Precision Planting operation in Tremont, Illinois – are August 6-9, 2013. Admission is free but spaces are limited and advance registration is required. Those interested may learn more and register for a specific date at or by calling 800-660-9573.

As in previous summer conferences, attendees will get hands-on field explanations of planting errors and their impact, see planters in action, and watch demonstrations of cutting-edge planting and monitoring technologies. There will be a special presentation of the improved accuracy of the new YieldSense harvest monitor. All sessions are geared toward giving growers information they can use in their own operations to improve decision-making and boost yields.

The progress of the conference field plots and event preparations can be tracked on the Precision Planting Facebook page and Twitter feed @precision_plant. Growers and attendees will be able to follow all the latest developments before and during the event.

2013 Summer Conference press release


April 2013

FieldView Plus now tells growers of planting problems – even when they're not in the cab.

Earlier this year, Precision Planting introduced FieldView™ Plus, giving growers the ability to sync planting data across multiple pieces of field equipment and multiple electronic devices. Now, automatic planter performance text alerts have been added to this cloud-based system.

Growers need to know what's happening with the planter, even when they're not in the cab. With text alerts via FieldView Plus, they do. They can set alert thresholds for metrics like speed, singulation, spacing, ground contact and excess down force. With each pass, the data is analyzed and a notification is sent to the grower of any exceptions. Growers who are not in the cab all the time get the information they need to address issues before it's too late.

The metrics and alert thresholds can be set and changed through the FieldView website at any time, and multiple phone numbers can be notified. It's easy to set up, easy to change and easy to keep your planting performance at the highest possible level.

Text Alerts press release


February 2013

New electric meter drive system replaces chains, hydraulic motors and row clutches.

Precision Planting introduces the vDrive™, a new electric drive system for use with 20/20 SeedSense® and vSetTM meters.

vDrive brings single-row control and much more precise population control to the vSet meter. Regardless of curves, ground speed or prescription zone, it drives each vSet meter to plant precisely to the prescribed population.

The vDrive replaces existing clutches, hydraulic motors and chains or cable drives. Instead, an electric drive controls each row individually, as needed, for more precise planting. Chain or cable maintenance is eliminated.

vDrive press release


January 2013

New FieldView™ Plus shares data from iPad to iPad, from field to office.

The new FieldView Plus service from Precision Planting allows producers to sync data between multiple planters, combines, computers and additional iPads. In addition, it simplifies transfer of files from the field to the office and provides safe and secure file back-up.

FieldView Plus press release


August 2012

Precision Planting unveils 20/20 DeltaForce™

Today, August 27, 2012,we launched our latest innovation in down force management and control. 20/20 DeltaForce is a hyrdaulic based system that offers growers the ability to have near instantaneous control of the down force. The system controls each row individually based on the amount of weight each row unit's gauge wheels are exerting on the ground. The system will be available through a beta season for North American growers in the spring of 2013 with full production expected for 2014.

Click here for the press release on the new system


May 2012

Monsanto Company to Purchase Precision Planting

Today, May 23, 2012, it was announced that we reached an agreement to join Monsanto Company, which shares our commitment to delivering improved yields for our customers. Click here to see Monsanto's announcement.

We are very excited about the new possibilities Monsanto's investment will enable and value your continued business. We are working closely with Monsanto to ensure there is no disruption in processes or the way we deliver you the technology you need and deserve. As the business is transitioned to Monsanto, we assure you that there will be no change in the way you interact with Precision Planting.

We look forward to continuing to offer you Precision technologies and products that will improve planting accuracy and increase your yields. Click here to see Gregg Sauder's letter to Precision Planting dealers.

2013 Order Guides help farmers order new planters "Precision Planting Ready"

To help customers take advantage of the performance boost they get from adding of Precision Planting's systems to planters, we have created a set of order guides to help growers configure their 2013 planter order in the most cost effective manner when adding Precision Planting. The deduction on different specs from the manufacturer combined with a free product program from Precision Planting makes the 20/20 system and seed meters more affordable than ever before. Growers can potentially receive over $1,500 in free product from Precision Planting on orders placed before July 31, 2012.

Click the links below for the planter specific 2013 Order Guides


January 2012

FieldView released at Winter Conference

Over 2,000 people attended the 2012 Precision Planting Winter Conference, January 10, 11, 12 and 13. This was the biggest event to date that Precision Planting has hosted at its facility in Tremont, IL. Our Winter Conference focuses on planting performance and innovation. In addition to a general session that covered the most current topics concerning corn production this coming year. Attendees also participated in Mapping Applications and Planter Performance and maintence breakout sessions.

Precision Planting also released FieldView, the latest innovation in the 20/20 system for planter management. FieldView connects an iPad device with the 20/20 SeedSense to give growers an instant view of high definition maps of planting performance viewable in an iPad App. You can view more information about FieldView in this Flyer.

20/20 SeedSense/AirForce System Wins No-Till Farmer Product of the Year

The 20/20 SeedSense/AirForce System received the No-Till Farmer 2011 Product of the Year for the second straight year. The award for the AirForce system is the third time a Precision Planting product has won Product of the Year. The Keeton Seed Firmer, which won it's category in 2011, has won it's category every year of the awards. The Seed Firmer also received the highest honor for two consecutive years prior to the AirForce system supplanting it this year. The No-Till Farmer Product of the Year awards are nominated and voted on by farmers from across the country. It is one of the few recognitions that is dictacted strictly from farmer input. We appreciate such an endorsement and validation of our products.

Click here to see the Product of the Year release.


August 2011

YieldCheck App for the iPhone Released

Precision Planting's first App is now available on Apple's App Store. YieldCheck helps you calculate and store your yield survey information in an easy to use application on your iPhone. You can enter your ear count, kernels around and long and get your estimated yield instantly. The app even saves the check's location in the field. So, you can compare your yield checks to other field maps.

The new app hit the app store in mid-August and quickly got great reveiws. The first three reviews on the store were all 5 out of 5 stars. Here are some of the comments:

By Precision Customer on Aug 17th,
Took this app into the fields today and it worked great. It shows a google image of where your yield checks are at so, you can really understand if you are pulling samples from a good area or not. It has a button that lets you see what yield could be if you could have gotten one more ear. Too dry this year... maybe next year.

By MidsouthCottonFarmer on Aug 17th,
Great Job Guys!

By Mugsy1112 on August 16th,
I don't know who created this app but it's stylish smooth and fun though it is a work help app give me any app made by this person and I'm sure I won't be surprised by the time and or skill put into it.

The app will be available exclusively for iPhone users this season. Sorry Droid and Blackberry users.


July 2011

New vSet Meter Receives Positive reaction from Conference Attendees

The new vSet meter was on display at the Precision Planting Summer Conference the last week of July. vSet is a plug and play vacuum meter system that retrofits on mechanical finger meter and edge vac planters. Spring 2011 planting showed singulation performance consistently better than 99.5%. See more information on this exciting new product by downloading the brochure here.

Rebates available for Summer 20/20 Purchases

It's "hot" time to buy a 20/20 system. Rebates totaling up to $1,200 are available for systems purchased from July 1 to September 6, 2011. Individual rebates are available for SeedSense, AirForce and RowFlow. So, whether you buy one or all three, this is a good opportunity to save. Rebates of $600 for SeedSense, $400 for AirForce and $200 for RowFlow are available. To receive the rebate(s):

  • Purchase the system or systems by September 6, 2011.
  • Complete the rebate application and mail it along with a copy of your purchase invoice to Precision Planting by September 20, 2011.

Farmers can contact their nearest dealer for details about the rebate.


January 2011

Keeton Seed Firmer Wins Product of the Year

The Keeton Seed Firmer received the No-Till Farmer 2010 Product of the Year for the second straight year. The 20/20 SeedSense and CleanSweep also received honorable mentions. The Seed Firmer has won it's category every year of the award and has now received the highest honor for two consecutive years. A stamp of approval like this from the growers that use our products is a tremendous honor. Thank you to all the growers and customers that have made the Keeton Seed Firmer such a success.

Product of the Year Release

New Product Announcements

Precision Planting announces new capabilities for the 20/20 system. At the 2011 Winter Conference, Gregg Sauder announced that the 20/20 system will soon include options for an advanced harvest monitor system and the ability for the SeedSense and RowFlow systems to control variable rate liquid fertilizer on planters and side-dress bars.

The 20/20 harvest monitor system will allow customers to use their existing John Deere and CaseIH flow and moisture sensors to obtain more accurate yield data. The system will auto-calibrate as it moves through the field. This eliminates the errors caused by current systems when there are changes in speed, moisture, test weight and other variables. The harvest monitor system is in beta-testing on a limited number of systems for the 2011 harvest season. With a successful test, the system will be generally available for the 2012 season.

The liquid application will work with the SeedSense and RowFlow systems and allow growers to vary their nitrogen application based on their VR prescriptions. The product will utilize existing RowFlow hardware to drive hydraulic motors connected to liquid pumps. The system will be in beta test during the 2011 planting season and generally available by August of 2011 for use during the 2012 North American planting season.

2011 Winter Conference is a "Sell Out"

Precision Planting is hosting 1,612 producers from 18 states and provinces during its Winter Conference which was held January 11 – 14. This was the largest group ever hosted in the eight year history of the conference. Topics included plant population, variable rate seeding and fertilization, yield monitor calibration, planter errors and new technology for planters.

Plant Success

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