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Installation Instructions

vSet Meter
Blower Installation
In-line Vacuum Gauge
vSet Sprocket and Rate Selection Guide
vSet Crop Setup Guide

JD ground drive sprocket installation
Kinze ground drive sprocket installation
Kinze direct drive sprocket installation

Technical Bulletins

EdgeVac with SureStop Clutches
Kinze Hopper Modification
vSet Meter Drive Alignment
vSet Manifold Interference on EdgeVac Planters
Improving Butterfly Drive Engagement

Sprocket Setting Rate Charts

To determine the correct sproket rate setting, it is important to know the number of teeth on the contact wheel sprocket. If one of the rate charts below does not match up with your planter, contact your local dealer or Precision Planting with your current (pre-vSet) rate chart.

Deere Metering Systems

JD - 7000
JD - 7200/1700 Finger
JD - 7200/1700 Vac

Kinze Metering System

Kinze 2100 Finger
Kinze 3000 Finger
Kinze 3200 EdgeVac®
Kinze 3500 EdgeVac
Kinze 3500 Finger
Kinze 3600 EdgeVac
Kinze 3600 Finger
Kinze 3700 EdgeVac
Kinze 3800 EdgeVac
Kinze 3800 Finger-PP
Kinze 3200/3700 Finger - 15 Tooth - PP
Kinze 3200/3700 Finger - 23 Tooth - PP
Kinze EdgeVac with SureStop Clutches - 19 tooth Meter Drive
Kinze 3600/3700 EdgeVac with SureStop Clutches - 19 tooth Meter Drive and 15 tooth Contact Wheel



EdgeVac is a registered trademark of the Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. There is no affiliation between Precision Planting, Inc. and Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.



What is Singulation?
Singulation is the measure of how accurate a meter segregates seed from the seed pool for planting. Our measure is in percentage of how many times it segregates one seed and only seed out for planting without errors.

Why is Singulation Important?
Singulation accounts for both meter errors that result in skips and multiples. Other metrics such as population and average spacing values can mask skips and multiples, which leads to false conclusions about meter and planting performance.
Farming By The Seed™