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Choose higher accuracy, more flexibility and longer life.

vSet Motor

While many prefer mechanical finger meters, many others are switching to vacuum meters – especially Precision Planting’s eSets – because they:

  • Plant a wider variety of seed sizes and shapes
  • Plant a wider variety of types of seeds with a simple disk change
  • Plant at a wider range of speeds
  • Have lower wear and less maintenance costs

Now, the new vSet vacuum meter system offers current finger meter users improved singulation, more convenience, longer wear life and greater seed flexibility. And Kinze EdgeVac® owners will appreciate vSet’s adjustment-free high performance.

Precision Planting’s eSet® system raised meter performance expectations to new new level of excellence; however, this system was limited to Deere vacuum meters. Now, with vSet, there is high performance, pour and go meter for a wider variety of planters allowing you to pair the right planter for your operation without sacrificing meter performance.

See what other farmers are saying about vSet.

Here is a link to a discussion board on Ag Talk with farmers reaction to vSet,

EdgeVac is a registered trademark of the Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. There is no affiliation between Precision Planting, Inc. and Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.


What is Singulation?
Singulation is the measure of how accurate a meter segregates seed from the seed pool for planting. Our measure is in percentage of how many times it segregates one seed and only seed out for planting without errors.

Why is Singulation Important?
Singulation accounts for both meter errors that result in skips and multiples. Other metrics such as population and average spacing values can mask skips and multiples, which leads to false conclusions about meter and planting performance.
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