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Precision Meter

Reduce Skips And Doubles

Finger SetWe’ve taken a fresh look at the fingers and made some major improvements:

  1. New springs and spring attachment – provides more consistent tension to hold large rounds and small flats.
  2. New finger cover – provides better finger support to keep seeds from escaping under loose fingers.
  3. New finger contour – grabs rounds and flats and locks them under the flag for fewer skips
  4. Chrome coating – eliminates rust and extends life.

Finger Set

Using a high speed camera, Precision Planting saw: that existing fingers allowed some flat seeds to escape (1) from under a finger that has too flat a rear hook. Because the finger doesn’t follow the contour of the backing plate, seeds can get pinched against the outer wall (2). Round seeds can cluster under a finger with loose spring tension (3).

Set for success
MeterMax technicians can install your Precision Finger Sets and calibrate the meter to match your seed size and shape. Chromed fingers, fine-tuned tension springs, custom cams and covers all contribute to a long-lasting meter that runs like a Swiss watch.

Farming By The Seed™