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MeterMax Ultra Test Stand

Here’s how to make your passion for perfection pay, Become a Precision Planting dealer.

As a Precision Planting dealer, you can help your neighbors and customers improve planter performance and income by providing calibration services. All it takes to get started is a willingness to sweat the details. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of finger and vac meters. With this knowledge and the diagnostic capabilities of the MeterMax Test Stand, you’ll be able to solve planting problems and generate extra income through service fees and parts sales.

Now, many of our Precision Planting dealers are establishing a network of associate dealers that can help them expand their coverage area. The new Ultra test stand is a perfect calibration system for these associate dealers. So if you would like to take control of calibrating your own meters and those of a few of your neighbors, call us and we can give you the details.

An associate dealer earns discounts on the Precision Planting products they purchase for themselves and their customers and earns service income on the meters they calibrate. An associate dealer can earn back their investment in the first season and pocket a nice profit of $5000 to $20000 – depending on the number of neighbors they work with.

We also have opportunities for full dealerships in some areas.

Available locations are limited. Call us to see if you’re in an area where we need representation.

The MeterMaxultra Test Stand Operator's Manual
Take an first hand look how our latest MeterMax test stand operates and provides for the best meter preparation before going to the field.

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