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MeterMax Ultra Test Stand

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get about the MeterMax System:

What type of planters can be calibrated with the MeterMax System?
The MeterMax Test Stand calibrates all finger-pickup units, JD vac units, CNH, Great Plains and White air planters. The calibration process includes a performance pretest, unique calibration procedures, and the replacement of necessary parts.

How often do I need to get my meters calibrated to achieve maximum performance?
The answer to this question depends on many different factors. Of course, anytime you change seed size or shape, your dealer will give you instructions on how to adjust the brush or vac to accommodate the different seeds. But from season to season, there can be changes in seed shape and seed treatments that will require re-calibration. Also, as with all equipment, the meters' parts will wear and create more needs for the MeterMax calibration procedure. We especially see a need to calibrate the units every year if the planter is left outside all year long with the meters kept on the machine. Overall, to insure singulation of seed, we would recommend taking at least one of your meters and a collection of this season’s seeds to your dealer for evaluation.

How much does the MeterMax calibration cost?
Calibration services vary based on the type of meter and services required. Generally, your dealer will test one of your meters at no charge and help you determine the current state of performance. You will also be able to see the performance difference on a meter that has been calibrated. Then you can decide what you want to invest to capture the extra income that comes from meter calibration. Click here to find the MeterMax representative nearest you!

Besides the meters themselves, what is needed for the MeterMax calibration?
Each customer must send along at least one gallon of the specific seed they want their meter calibrated to. (This seed will be returned to the customer once the calibration service is complete.) Also, for vacuum planters, the dealer may ask you to bring the vac gauge from your planter so he can test it compared to a standard gauge to make sure the results match.

When is the optimal time to calibrate my meters?
The winter season provides an ideal time for meter calibration. Many dealers retrieve meters right after planting season so they can clean and repair meters at their convenience over the summer and winter. Then they know the meters are stored properly and ready for calibration as soon as your seed supply is available. Many dealers offer a pricing incentive for early delivery so they don’t get jammed up the week prior to planting. Use our MeterMax Locator to find the MeterMax System nearest you!

Are there other ways I can improve my planter's performance in addition to the MeterMax calibration?
Most definitely. As you may have already noticed, maximizing the yield potential of your crop begins before you ever put the seed into the ground. This is the systems approach that Precision Planting is so excited about. Your yield potential is only as good as your system of genetics, equipment, and management. The planter is just one of the focuses of our system's approach. Review our DVD -- we give valuable tips on how to maximize your planter's performance.

Why should I calibrate my meters on the MeterMax system?
The MeterMax system offers unique value compared to other test stands on the marketplace. Our trained technicians have years of experience and are trained by our experts. Make sure you work with a certified Precision Planting dealer. Certification means they have been to our training center within the last two years for all the current techniques. We ensure through a comprehensive process that the meter is calibrated to give the grower nothing but "picket-fence" stands. National tests showed a 10 bushel advantage with the MeterMax system. Furthermore, the MeterMax Test Stand is one of the few stands on the market that does not measure performance on a percentage basis. Accuracy not population - competitor stands that use percentages are not as accurate since 2 doubles and 2 skips on the stand would still equal 100%. This is not helping you as a grower achieve your maximum yield potential!

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