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Keeton Seed Firmer

Time To Replace Your Keeton® Seed Firmers?

Replacing tired seed firmers will help you keep the six bushel boost. Firmers need to be checked annually. Perform the following tests.

Keeton Test Strips

  • Snap Test. Test the Firmer's snap. With planter units sitting on the ground, (1) lift the Firmer tail about two inches and (2) release. You should hear a solid whack as the Firmer snaps back to the ground. If the whack seems lackluster, (3) tighten the tension screw and try again. If the adjustment doesn't seem to help, then replace your Firmers.
  • Visual Test. Carefully examine the bottom of the Firmer. (4) Has it become sharp and pointed? Can you see excessive wear? If so, it probably needs to be replaced.
  • Age Test. How old is your Firmer? Generally, Firmers older than three years have lost much of their tension due to repeated firming action. While the age may not be noticeable or visible, old Firmers don't work as well as young Firmers. If your Firmers are older than three years, you should strongly consider replacing them.

Keep your Firmers in top shape. Keep that six-bushel advantage!

Keeton Seed Firmers Installation Instructions

Click on a model below to view the installation instructions.

Keeton Seed Firmers for Planters
Universal Bracket Mounting Instructions
Kinze Bracket Instructions
Seed Tube Mounted Firmer Instructions
Case IH Planter Firmer Instructions

Supplemental Instructions for Spray Arm Installation
Bracket Addition for XP Row Unit Instructions - For XP Row Units that have front mounted fertilizer attachments
JD Gold Bracket Instructions - Instructions for reference only. Part replaced by universal bracket

Keeton Seed Firmers for Drills
Case IH 5100 & 5400
CrustBuster CB3400
CrustBuster CB3800
Great Plains Standard
Great Plains Precision 10/20 Series
Great Plains Precision 00 Series
Great Plains Precision 10HD 15 25 Row Unit
John Deere JD455
John Deere JD750
John Deere JD1560

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