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Keeton Seed Firmer

Consistent depth control is the most important job of your planter. And even the best maintained planter can still have depth variation of ½” or more.

Keeton® Seed Firmers gently set seeds to the bottom of the trench. A thin piece of poly slides down the seed trench, trapping seeds as they exit the seed tube and firming them into the bottom of the "V".

Keeton Seed Firmer

Firmer is the only device that can contact the seed for true firming performance.

The original poly seed firmer has:

  • the right kind of poly to hold its shape, withstand abrasive soil and keep the proper amount of tension over the seed.
  • the right "attack" angle to properly guide the seed to the trench.
  • the right shape to protect the "V" of the seed trench and to prevent plugging.

And the Keeton Seed Firmer won’t collapse the seed trench and drag dry, chemical-laden soil in around your seeds.

Keeton Seed Firmers. So simple, they simply work.

Tests Prove It. 6 more bushels from uniform germination. Three years of Farm Journal research shows that firmers, on average, add six bushels of corn per acre, compared to controlled plots, where firmers were not used.

Purdue University research shows that there is a loss of five bushels of corn per acre for every collar difference in emergence of corn seedlings. That's why it is critically important that all seeds emerge within a 48-hour window. When you see the first corn spike through the ground, all the rest must spike within two days. Every day delay in emergence means you're losing yield potential.

Hit the depth you set with Keeton Seed Firmer.

Seed Germination Chart

Seed Germination Chart

Keeton Seed Firmers simply set seeds to the bottom of the seed trench. That ensures uniform seed to soil contact which leads to uniform germination. Research shows that uniform germination can lead to an average six bushel increase in corn yield.

Farming By The Seed™