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Clean Sweep

Residue Management has become a necessary part of today’s operation to maximize profitability. Tougher stalks and more corn on corn acres mean that we all have a heavy load of residue that must be controlled.

Residue affects many aspects of your operation.

  • Soil moisture and temperature – The amount of residue can affect the moisture and how quickly your soil temperature warms up in the spring. The capture and maintaining of moisture can be a positive, but also create challenges when preparing to plant.
  • Disease and Fungi presence – Plant debris can harbor fungi and diseases that can harm young seedlings. This is why row cleaners must remove residue from the seed row.

Emerging Row with Residue

Lasting effect. This is a picture of corn planted in bean stubble in a corn/soybean rotation. See the corn stalks from season prior still present.

Residue Management is important in all applications.

Bean Row Cleaners Stripes on C on C

CleanSweep Video

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