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Reduces richocet. Lasts Longer.

BullsEye Seed Tube Selection Guide

John Deere 7000 Series 1/2" Hole (Sensor w/ 2 LEDs) 700150
3/4" Hole (Sensor w/ 3 LEDs) 700150
7200/1700/XP/ ProSeries 1/2" Hole (Sensor w/ 2 LEDs) 700160
3/4" Hole (Sensor w/ 3 LEDs) 700160

Kinze 2000 Series 1/2" Hole (Sensor w/ 2 LEDs) 700114
3/4" Hole (Sensor w/ 3 LEDs) or Octagon shaped sensor 700150
3000 Series Evolution Row Unit Model Yr. 2005 and Prior Octagon shaped sensor 700150
Model Yr. 2006-EdgeVac or Finger Octagon shaped sensor 700160

White 6000/8000   1/2" Hole (Sensor w/ 2 LEDs) 700155
3/4" Hole (Sensor w/ 3 LEDs) 700155

Great Plains Yield Pro Planters     700150
Case-IH     None Available

Old vs. New Style 7200/1700/XP/ProSeries Seed Tubes

Old vx New Style of Pro Series Seed Tubes

Pin Part Numbers

Pin & Clip

Attachment Method
All of the JD 7200/1700/XP/ProSeries Seed tubes that we will sell will need the Pin and Clip 700137 for attachment. Newer Deere planters do not have holes in the shank for the pin and clip. In these cases, we have a spring style pin.

Pin Installed

BullsEye Seed Tube Installation Instructions

BullsEye Seed Tube Installation Instructions - Printable Version

  1. Remove the old seed tube from the row unit. Cut the zip ties that are holding the sensor to the tube.
  2. : Position the sensor onto the bulleye seed tube in the same position and direction that it was on the old tube. Use the zip ties provided with the new seed tube to secure the sensor to the seed tube.
  3. Make sure that the area around the pin that the seed tube hooks over is clean of dirt and debris. Install the Bullseye Seed Tube back into the row unit making sure that the hook is hooked over the pin. Secure the tube with the same pin and clip that held the old tube in place.


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