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20/20 SeedSense

20/20® Product Registration

Click here to register your 20/20 system and activate the product warranty.

All 20/20 SeedSense owners can setup an AutoMap account to view soil type based prescription maps.
Click here to see how to setup your AutoMap account.


Service Bulletins

Check this library of maintenance and service bulletins that are published periodically to assist owners in improving the performance and wear ability of their system.

Settings for Switching from Corn to Soybeans
20/20 Component Repair Program
Connecting 20/20 RowFlow to Existing Hydraulic Drives
20/20 SeedSense as Primary Monitor on SeedStar 1 Systems
20/20 SeedSense as Primary Monitor on SeedStar 2 Systems

For service or repairs on 20/20 electrical components that are outside of the Precision Planting warranty, contact InSource Repairs.


SeedSense Operators Manual

SeedSense Quick Reference Guide (AirForce and RowFlow guides available on the AirForce and RowFlow Technical Support pages)

20/20 SeedSense Operator Manual


Online Support System

Precision Planting customers can now utilize an online support system,, for assistance in getting optimum performance out of their Precision Planting products. They system has a growing list of Knowledge Base articles about product installation, setup, and performance. You can also save time by entering a support ticket question online for our support personel. Instead of struggling to get a hold of someone or waiting on hold to get an answer, you can enter your question in the system and our personnel will contact you with support. Creating an account is free and easy at

20/20 Display Software: Version 8.04

You can verify the version currently on your display by pressing “SETUP | Diagnose | Device Status”.

Gen1 - 20/20 SeedSense Software Release 8.4 05/23/14 (2 USB ports on left side of SeedSense)
Gen2 - 20/20 SeedSense Software Release 8.4 05/23/14 (1 USB port on left side of SeedSense)

What's New For 2014 - Technical Bulletin

Changes since 8.03

  • Fixed condition that could cause false vDrive encoder dropout events
  • Fixed issue that could cause loss of touch-screen calibration on Gen2 Display Units.
  • Fixed issue that caused old coverage maps to not be deleted.
  • Added logic to disable radar when it becomes unstable multiple times in a field
  • Added ability to update 2020 to YieldSense from within SeedSense update page
  • Improved logic for detecting bad load pins
  • Removed invalid DeltaForce Event codes that were filling up log unnecessarily
  • Re-enabled USB mouse support for Gen1 Display Units
  • Improved Load Pin and Aux Sensor initialization in SRM  (Could cause SRM to not detect seed sensor or vDrive)

Changes since 8.02

  • Fixed issue that could cause planters with SRMs to report falsely low bean populations
  • Fixed issue that caused Hex Shaft Error to not report on ground drive planters
  • Fixed issue with turn compensation message being too sensitive
  • Reduced memory usage for older (HW0) Display Units to avoid issues on larger planters
  • Updated logic for FieldScripts Benchmark Strips to not disable the strip if Master Plant is turned off
  • Updated logic to avoid false high SRI values due to quick changes in meter speed
  • Updated warning text to better explain conditions when a boundary file fails to load
  • Improved vDrive motor stability warning thresholds.
  • Set touchscreen calibration back to default upon software update


Click here for updates and features of previous versions


20/20 Display Software: Boot Version

This boot version of the software is designed to help recover displays that lock up or freeze during start up. If you encounter an issue that causes the display unit to freeze or not boot up properly, download this software to a USB drive, insert the drive into the display and try booting again.

Gen1 - 20/20 SeedSense Software Boot Version 05/09/14
Gen2 - 20/20 SeedSense Software Boot Version 05/09/14


Data Upload

Our field data information database is growing. Click on the link below to upload your 20/20 Field Data. In addition to intepreting your data, this information is helpful in adding to and improving the features of the 20/20 system.

To upload your information, please save your data into a compressed file with a .zip format (for directions on creating the .zip file click here). Then, click on the link below and fill in the information and click submit.

20/20 Field Map Data Upload


SeedSense PC Demo and Setup

Below is the 8.0 version of the PC Demo Tool. This allows you to "run" the SeedSense display on your computer. Use it to explore the features and functions of the system. You may also use this software to create your farms, fields, hybrids, planter set up, tractor set up , etc... and import this information into your SeedSense display.
PC Demo Tool - Version 8.0 03/24/14

We have created this instruction guide to help get you started. Download this document for instructions for downloading and using the PC Demo Tool.
PC Demo Tool Instructions (pdf)


Mapping Software Downloads and Information

Download and install both the FODD Windows Driver for 20/20 and the Free Mapping Viewer in order to view your 20/20 SeedSense field data files. Download the FOViewer instructions for details on how to download, install and use this free software.

FODD Windows Driver for 20/20
Driver required for reading 20/20 SeedSense mapping data.
The FODD Windows Driver is supported by Ag Leader SMS, MapShots, and Farmworks software.

MapShots FOViewer
You must have version 3.10.11 or newer to use the print functions.
FOViewer Manual is a pdf manual that reviews the viewer operations.

FarmWorks View
This links to a Free Viewer that FarmWorks offers that you may also use to view 20/20 Field Data. Assistance and support for FarmWorks View is provided by Farm Works at 800-282-4103 or

20/20 SeedSense

SeedSense update
20/20 SeedSense Version 8.04

SeedSense update
20/20 SeedSense Version 8.04


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