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20/20 RowFlow

Service Bulletins

RowFlow Quick Reference Guide (SeedSense and AirForce guides available on the SeedSense and AirForce Technical Support pages)

RowFlow Diagnostics Chart
2nd RFM Installation Instructions

RowFlow Operators Manual

RowFlow Installation Manual
RowFlow Operators Manual
RowFlow Liquid Manual - NEW in 2012


Set up your AutoMap Account

Setting up your account is a simple process. Follow these steps and within minutes you will be able to map your fields and create prescriptions.

Have the Following Information:

  • You or your farm's contact information
  • A user name that must be exactly 7 characters long
  • From your 20/20 Display monitor, the 20/20 Serial number and 20/20 Registration code.
  • You can find these numbers in your 20/20 Display.
  • Access the information on your Device Status page. Home the home page go to "Setup" | "Diagnose" | "Device Status"
  • The numbers you will need are in the top left corner of this page

To Setup your Account:

  • Go to and click on register new user.
  • Enter your contact information into the fields and click "Continue".
  • On the second page enter a seven digit user name, password and 20/20 Information. Click "Finish and your account will be setup.
  • Using your user name and password, you can access your account at


Online Support System

Support Page ImagePrecision Planting customers can now utilize an online support system,, for assistance in getting optimum performance out of their Precision Planting products. They system has a growing list of Knowledge Base articles about product installation, setup, and performance. You can also save time by entering a support ticket question online for our support personel. Instead of struggling to get a hold of someone or waiting on hold to get an answer, you can enter your question in the system and our personnel will contact you with support. Creating an account is free and easy at https:\\

AutoMap Application

Click here to go to the AutoMap web application.

Items you will need to get started:

  • Contact Information
  • A 7 digit user name
  • The serial number and registration code from your 20/20 SeedSense Monitor.


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