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20/20 AirForce


Down Force Control

Average 8.2 bushel per acre advantage with AirForce - Beck's PFR Research Study, 2013

Too little down force means shallow plants

Too much down force means restricted root growth

AirForce® means automatic control.

Root zone compaction is caused when there is excessive down force applied to the row unit during planting. That compaction cuts yields by:

  • Reducing germination rates and lowering plant count
  • Increasing plant stress reducing ear girth and length
  • Stressing plants at pollination during dry years with hot summers

Until now, corn growers had no way to measure the amount of weight carried by the row units . . . and no way to increase or decrease weight for each soil type and tillage condition.

The 20/20 SeedSense® system teams with 20/20 AirForce to automatically measure and manage down force to make sure you run as light as possible, while maintaining the ground contact that assures uniform seeding depth.

SeedSense includes smart pins that measure the weight on the row unit and calculates the amount of excess weight that could be removed while still maintaining full planting depth.

AirForce takes the information from SeedSense and uses air to automatically increase or decrease the weight on the row unit. The row units will now run as light as possible . . . with just enough weight to keep the row units proper depth.

Test it out!

Download the 20/20 PC Demo see how this new monitor can improve your stand and increase yields. Just click on 20/20 Demo Application and follow the installation prompts.

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