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About Precision Planting

The details have always been important to Gregg and Cindy Sauder, founders of Precision Planting. As farmers, they learned that paying attention to the little things paid big dividends in yields, profits and growth.

By paying attention to the details, Gregg and Cindy learned that precision placement paid huge dividends on their corn and soybean operation near Tremont, Illinois. Gregg experimented on ways to get precise depth control. He tinkered with seed meters trying to eliminate the skips and doubles that occurred in his corn fields.

Naturally, his neighbors kept an eye on this aggressive young farm couple. When others saw his improved stands, he started tinkering with meters for friends and neighbors. Then Eugene Keeton, the inventor of the finger pickup corn meter and the brush meter for soybeans, came to Gregg and Cindy with his newest invention – the Seed Firmer. And after testing and trial, the Sauders became the exclusive distributor of this revolutionary planter attachment. That was the beginning of Precision Planting – 1993.

Precision Planting is the headquarters for new ideas and technology that contribute to better seed spacing, better depth control and better root systems. The scope of the company has changed to include proprietary meter components, the MeterMax meter calibration system, and a broad range of Keeton Seed Firmers. Plus, we have introduced new planter electronic systems that give you new ways to manage planter by understanding singulation, impact of speed, down force and more. Explore this website to learn more about this exciting 20/20 System.

In May 2012, Precision Planting was acquired by Monsanto Company. The company operates as an independent subsidiary and is an integral part of Monsanto's Integrated Farming System business unit.


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